Create a Scholarship

Fund a student’s entire summer or semester experience in an ongoing annual scholarship in your family’s name.

These gifts may serve as a lasting remembrance of a special person whom you wish to honor, or of a special event you wish to commemorate. We will acknowledge your memorial or tribute by sending an appropriate note to the family or friend in whose name the gift was made, as well as by highlighting it in our campaign materials.

Named family scholarships require a minimum commitment of three years.

$16,000 and above funds one named family scholarship for a student on an entire gap semester, including flights and gear

$9,000 funds one named family scholarship for a student on an entire summer program, including flights and gear

A favorite giving method for Dragons alumni families. Contact us at to discuss how this special scholarship opportunity can reflect your family’s unique contribution.

One example of a Named Family Scholarship:

Garcia-Meza Scholarship
Peter and Kim Garcia-Meza are honored to support the vital work of public school classroom teachers serving underrepresented communities. The García-Meza Scholarship is funded by the family of Kim and Peter Garcia-Meza and the Dragons Fund. The scholarship covers tuition, airfare, and more for one public school classroom teacher to participate on any Dragons Educator Program.